Friday, February 28, 2014

Reopening of Lottie Pops Shop on Etsy

                                                                 COZETTE HEART

Lottie Logic:  It's never too late

In 2011,   I opened an Etsy shop.  Put one item on and never checked it again.

Procrastinator Award Goes To --------  Lottie

But I'm baaaaaaaaack!

Years of failed experiments finally led to the perfect formula for Pixie Dust sprinkled
on the coils of my glass kiln that jump into my pieces while firing.  Cool!

I've made two small glass hearts with the Pixie Dust and put them on my Etsy shop.
As you know Pixie Dust give your dreams an extra push.

Perfect gift for you or a friend.

Now if I could just figure out how to remove the procrastinator dust from my person.


My Etsy shop, only two items now, but more to com.